Industrial Property

  • Consulting and processing of all the procedures in the industrial property matter before the IMPI.
  • Administrative Litigation annulments, Limitations, Cancellations, Infractions.
  • Registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, utility models, i.e.; Any legal figure of Industrial Property.
  • prior art search services
  • Consulting in franchises, technology transfer, technical assistance, and licensing.
  • Obtaining Declaratory and Protection of Notorious or Famous Brand.
  • Obtaining Collective Marks, Geographical Indications or Appellations of Origin.
  • Performing Diagnostics (Up-Date) of P.I. Protection (Trademarks, patents, designs, trade notices, utility models).
  • Specialized audit of data functions tailored to the needs of the company.
  • Scope proposal of P.I. protection with value-added products or services of the company with DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION.
  • Trademark registration in the international level through the International Protocol Madrid treaty (more than 89 countries and select the ones of interest)
  • Patent registration in international level through the Paten Cooperation Treaty PCT (more than 151 countries and select the ones of interest)


  • Consulting and processing of the procedures before Federal and State authorities.
  • Permit process, concessions, licenses and authorization before the authorities.
  • Federal, State and Local

Governmental Consulting

  • Preparation of draft laws, decrees, regulations and public procurement
  • Consulting for the protection and development of the States’ natural resources.

Economic Competition

  • Consultation
  • Litigation
  • Notification of concentrations
  • Process of all procedures under the Federal Law on Economic Competition
  • Administrative Litigation and Amparo
  • Economic
  • Fiscal
  • Industrial Property
  • Consumer protection